Saving Money at University as a Student

For those of us who have gone to University, we know how much of a financial struggle it can be. Students do have it good, but there is very little time to hold a good paying job, while most of your social life and world revolves around activities that require money.

Students tend to have to take late night jobs as their courses run during the day.

Let’s look at ways to save money so that you don’t have to put in hours and hours of work just to get by by being smart with money while studying at University.

To put it simply:

  1. No time to work.
  2. Lots of time to spend.
  3. No money to let you do so.

Below is a collection of tips to help you save money at Uni and ensure that you have enough money left over from your student expenses for everyday living.

Saving Money on Uni Fees

  1. Check to see if your University offers any scholarships or incentives for different courses. You never know your luck and could be provided with some financial assistance.
  2. Check to see if you are eligible for Youth Allowance from Centrelink.
  3. Learn the different ways to reduce your HECs Debt.

Saving Money on Uni Text Books

Text books are easily bought from a CO-Op Bookshop or local Uni bookshop, the problem is though that they are brand new and at retail price. Why not search eBay for your book or Google ‘2nd hand textbooks’ and have a look at the many sites selling textbooks second hand. You can save around 60% on the cover price for books that have probably only been read once or twice.

Most textbooks are sold in hardcover format, remember to check Amazon or an Australian book site for the soft cover. They are dramatically cheaper and tend to be cheaper to post.

Saving Money on Rent

Rent is one of the greatest expenses of a student living out of home. Staying at home during study is one of the greatest things you can do, but if you must live out of home due to travel reasons or just experiencing the lifestyle, then these tips will help.

  1. Try living in University provided accommodation. This tends to be subsidized for students and is operated at a loss to the University. Good fun and cheaper then your own place normally.
  2. Living off campus can also be a lot of fun. Try and find a modest place to live with another flat mate. Be careful of getting houses that require over 2 rent payers, as although you have people now – things change and you don’t want to end up with a house that requires $500 a week with only 1 person in it.
  3. Live at home. If you can – stay at home! Save the money and put it towards an investment when you finish Uni.

Saving Money on Food

The best way to save money on food at University is to always make your own dinners and lunches. Buying food on campus, no matter how good your ‘student discount’ is, will always be more expensive.

Foods that are perfect for money savers/students include; buying rice in bulk, buying fruit and veg in bulk, spaghetti bol and lots of pasta!

Avoid buying takeaway, Pizza is easy I know – but it will cost you alot more and will not do your health any benefit.

Saving Money on Entertainment

Now this is what students do best, PARTY! Remember, you can still have a great time while been money conscious.

  1. Check to see what on campus events are coming up. Tends to be good live performances and theme parties that are free to attend and a great time is normally had by all.
  2. Check what bars and clubs are associates of the University and find out if they have student nights. Student drink nights tend to offers drinks for half price or better if a student ID is shown.
  3. If you are going out for the night, why not have some pre-drinks at your own place? You can buy your fav drinks and more at very cheap prices and have a few drinks with mates before going out.
  4. When going to the movies, remember to show your student ID and get the discount. Should save you about $8 or more each time.

Saving Money on Transportation

Public transport is your friend while you are a student. Avoid using a car or motorbike, walking and public transport should easily do the trick and keep you fit!

  1. Always remember to show that you are a student when riding the bus or getting a train. Discounts are great for students, nearly half the price of a normal ticket.
  2. Consider carpooling to save money. If you live with people who go to the same Uni or your friends are local, why not save the money and take one care in.
  3. Why not look at buying a bicycle? They are easy to park, cheap to run (nothing!).

Any other tips to save at Uni?

Do you have any other tips to save money at Uni? We would love to hear them.


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