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How To Get Freebies From Stores On Your Birthday

A list of stores and restaurants that offer freebies on your birthday when you join their loyalty program. You can basically have a completely FREE birthday month with a little bit of forward planning.


Family Activities That Are Free (Or Almost Free)

A list of family activities and ideas that are free (or nearly free) that are fun, cheap and inexpensive. Save money by focusing on ‘experiences’ and not ‘possessions’ with your loved ones.


Modern Cloth Nappies: The Beginners Guide To Save Money

An interesting discussion around modern cloth nappies, an alternative money saver to disposable nappies. As a new parent, I am astounded how much money is spent on nappies. The week in, week out costs can really add up. Is this alternative for you? Some swear by MCN, others don’t. You decide.

Forgotten Money Saving Skills: Top Four

A little while ago while looking at ways to save money by reducing items in my budget, I stumbled across the concept of relearning life skills to save money. I immediately reclaimed four specific skills that have gone forgotten amongst many savers.