The complete guide to saving money and making money in Australia.

Garage Sale Tips and Tricks: How To Run A Garage Sale That Makes Money

Garage sale tips and tricks to hold a successful garage sale that de-clutters your house, makes you money and retrieves lost money for your savings.

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100 Easy Ways To Save Money

Over 100 easy ways to save money that will inspire you to begin saving money today. This exhaustive list shows just some of the ways you can start saving today and grow your savings account.

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Faking A Big Purchase: Saving The Money Regularly Instead

A strategy to save money that leverages our inate ability to repay things like car loans, while struggling to save money into our savings account. This is done by faking a purchase and paying the repayments to your savings account instead.

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How Much Money Do You Need?

How much money do you really need? Instead of wanting to be ‘rich’ why not aim for a specific amount of money that would afford you a comfortable lifestyle, with no worries of expenses?

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Are You Addicted To Spending Money?

A look at whether or not you are addicted to spending money. If you are, here are some ways to curb your excessive spending and begin saving money.

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Save Money On Car Insurance: How To Pay Less For Your Car Insurance Policy

How to save money on car insurance. The complete guide to getting a cheaper car insurance and paying less for your policy.

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Check Your Credit History & Credit Rating For Free

How to check your credit history and receive a free credit report. A guide to obtaining your credit rating and seeing what the banks and lenders see.

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5 Credit Card Tips I Wish I Learnt Sooner

The top five credit card tips that I wish someone had of told me about prior to getting a credit card. I would have saved money and paid far less interest.

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How I Got Into $25,000 Of Credit Card Debt

How I got into $25,000 worth of credit card debt and went on to repay my credit card in full, allowing me to live a debt free life without the use of credit cards.

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Gamify Your Savings: Make Saving Money A Game

How to make saving money a game that is fun, motivating and competitive. This is called ‘gamifying your savings’ and helps boost the amount you save.

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Should You Consolidate Debt Into Your Mortgage?

Can you save money by consolidating your credit cards and personal loans into your mortgage? Here is what you must know prior to consolidating your debts into a mortgage.

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Increase Your Borrowing Power: Factors That Affect Your Loan Size

Here we show you how to increase your mortgage borrowing power by explaining what the banks look at in determining how much they should lend you.

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Calculating Capital Gains Tax (CGT) On Shares

How to calculate the capital gains tax you will pay once you sell your shares. This guide can help you understand the tax implications you must consider when investing in shares.

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Managed Funds or Investing In Shares: Which Is Best?

It is said that to make money, you need to invest money. Is it better to use managed funds or invest in shares directly to grow your wealth? Here we outline the pros and cons.

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Franking Credits: Pay Less Tax On Dividend Earnings

Franking credits: what they are, how the work and how they can help you save money on tax when it comes to investing in shares.

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How To Boost ‘Genuine Savings’ For Home Loan Approval

How to boost ‘genuine savings’ when applying for a home loan. A guide to growing your savings, rapidly, prior to getting a home loan.

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