How To Get Cheap Foxtel (Get A Foxtel Discount)

As someone who has had Foxtel off and on again over the years, I have always felt like I have come off second best when dealing with them. The prices, the plans and the sales process tend to leave me unsure of whether or not I got a good deal.

However I recently read an insightful blog post entitled the ‘Foxtel Hack’ by Steve Sammartino about how he reduced the cost of his Foxtel in a few easy steps – playing them at their own game as such.

Using this as inspiration, here are some tips I intend to use to reduce my monthly Foxtel charges and attempt to get a Foxtel discount.

Step 1: Find how much you pay for Foxtel/would like to pay

If you are an existing customer, be sure to note down your current charges and exactly what you get for them. Be sure to write down the package you are on and check the internet for the current rate of the same package. Often the plans come down in price or now offer more value, so be sure to find exactly how your plan differs from the current ones.

Examples might include:

  • For the same price, you could have Foxtel IQHD instead of just IQ.
  • For the same price or less, you might have more channels.
  • You could have a second Foxtel box for no extra cost (extra TV or room).

If you are a new customer, look to find the costs your friends and family pay, including any promotions they accepted. You can use this as leverage when signing up for both price and package (though the rest of this article is more so aimed at existing Foxtel users wanting to get better value).

Step 2: Prepare your disconnection reason

Similar to the above examples, look for a reason to clearly state why you are disappointed and considering disconnection.

It may be as simple as:

  • “I am paying more money than new customers”
  • “I keep seeing promotions that offer better value”
  • “My Foxtel box is out dated”
  • “My friend only pays $X per month, which is far less than me”

Step 3: Ring Foxtel with intent to disconnect

Existing customers can ring 131 999 for customer service. Option 4 is for customers wishing to disconnect, push it!

You will be put through to the disconnections team, referred to as the ‘Customer Retention Center’. This is where they will ask you your reasons for wanting to disconnect (and subtly apply a soft sell to retain you as a customer – giving you the upper hand).

Now is your chance to politely tell them the reasons for wanting to disconnect. Explain that you would like Foxtel going forwards but without fixing one or all of the above mentioned problems – you will have no choice but disconnect.

Step 4: Foxtel may start to incentivise you to stay

Often the Foxtel team member on the end of the line will start to look for ways to amend your concerns or try to keep you. Remember they are highly incentivised to reduce the number of disconnections they receive per month so use this in your favour.

The offers or deals given may be their first line of defence, it could be as simple as providing you with an extra box or upgrading your hardware. Instead focus on the dollars and cents and push for a discount also. Steve Sammartino in his original ‘Foxtel Hack’ post stated he received a $30 per month flat discount on his current services – not a bad saving at all.

For customers who have been with Foxtel a while, this is often brought up by stating you are a valued client etc.

Final step: Don’t chicken out

The hardest part about getting a Foxtel discount is sticking to your guns and not accepting anything other than your original requests (disconnection reasons). Ensure that your requests are reasonable (don’t go asking for something ridiculous) and ensure you are polite. Rudeness is not the key here and nor should it ever be.

If you stick to your plan, you should end up with a discounted Foxtel rate and perhaps some new add-ons to your Foxtel package.

Not a bad way to save money with a 10 minute phone call.

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