How To Make Extra Money as a Full Time Mum

Being a full time mum can be tough, especially if you were used to being financially independent and now rely on your husband to bring home the bacon. Plus, getting by on one income can leave little room for the little pleasures women enjoy: manicures, facials, stylish haircuts and colours and a pricey scarf in a stunning colour.

Taking care of children is not only time consuming, but physically and emotionally taxing — when you finally get a minute to yourself, all you want to do is rest.

While you could definitely do with some extra pocket money you can spend on yourself, a part-time job is simply impossible to fit into your schedule.

As a full-time mother, how do you make extra cash?

I guess the key would be to think and start small. Start off by allocating 3 hours during the week to doing some work, no matter how tired or worn out you may be. The first $50-$100 you make can be an unbelievable motivator and soon you’ll find yourself with the energy and enthusiasm to turn what little spare time you have into profit.

Here are seven money making ideas for mums:

Sell pre-loved items on eBay

Don’t underestimate the power of eBay, there is just about a buyer for anything and everything and it’s pretty simple to set up. Sign up for an account, take good photos of the items you wish to list and provide good descriptions — you’ll be turning old clothes, pre-loved homewares and baby clothes your kids have outgrown into cash in no.

Become the Avon lady of your neighbourhood

Turn your afternoon cuppas with your friends and neighbours in business. Avon products have a great reputation and usually sell themselves. All you really have to do is provide the latest catalogues to your friends, family and neighbours and be the person they can trust to fill out their orders and get them the goods.

To find out more about becoming an Avon representative, visit Avon.


If you love cooking, take a tip from Martha Stewart, the famous homemaker started her multi-billion dollar empire in her kitchen catering for friends and family and eventually the word spread and the rest is history. Start by offering your services to friends, family and neighbours who are throwing kids birthday parties or baby and bridal showers at home. Plus, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone: reserve a few portions for dinner and the next day’s lunches.

Start a salon at home

Offering beauty services at home requires experience or training. If you’ve worked as a beauty therapist or manicurist in the past, you’re in luck. If you don’t have any experience, getting some training in your local area should be easy, but it can be costly. My best advice is to start with waxing. You can learn to wax within a day or two, the products don’t cost a lot of money and the profit margins on waxing are larger than any other beauty service. Once business picks up and you have a client base to offer more services to you can start thinking about expanding your offerings.


Start talking to your neighbours and find out if there are any full-time working mothers who currently drop their children off at day care and offer your services at a slightly lower price.


If you’re academically inclined and confident about tutoring high school children then you can give tuition. Don’t worry about having to recall everything you learnt in high school, it will come back and if you get stuck, let your student know you’ll look it up and pick up their question during the next lesson. The main thing that’s going to help your students is helpful tips and techniques to get their head around confusing concepts and a place to practice what they learnt in school, so quiz them and challenge their knowledge.

Market research

Participate in market research. Register with market research companies — they’ll get you to fill out a profile and assign you to suitable focus groups. The work isn’t very frequent and tends to take up blocks of 2-3 hours at a time but it’s still a great income supplement.

Few market research companies our readers have used:

What are your ideas for making money at home?

Share with us your thoughts by dropping a comment below. Any other methods of making good money at home?


  1. anna says

    Hi. This is a great article for mums. I also thought that some other great ways for mums at home to earn some extra money is via making jewellery and selling it at the local markets. You can buy jewellery making kits via ebay. Also why not try letterbox drops with the kids? Its great excercise and a great way to earn spare cash. :))))

  2. Rhonda says

    Australian competitions is a great way to get extra’s for the family plus it’s a fun hobby.

    You can win cars, money, dvd’s, cd’s, holidays and lots of other prizes.

    There are many Australian forums out there that cater to competition some you have to be aware of charge money to access the compeitions.

    Why pay for what is already on the web? All the competitions you can search for. But in forums the competitions are all in one place for you to enter. Our forum is a small group of people that get together and share the competitions, ideas, opinions, freebies, survey’s etc.

    We are called the friendly forum and we welcome new members all the time. We love to help you get started and enjoy hearing about your wins.

    A couple of rules of comping: Don’t be greedy. Enter the competitions that you need or can use. Contribute to the forum and most of all have fun.

  3. Bill says

    I do matched betting in my spare time. A good way to make extra income. Lots of the Australian bookmakers offer free bets for new accounts.

  4. says

    Never knew about this Bill, will have to look into it – though the idea of any kind of betting scares me when it comes to saving money! Haha.


    Savings Guide

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