Find Lost Coins Around The House (5 ways)

Dont you just love finding money? I do, it is one of the best feelings I can imagine when putting on a jacket that I haven’t worn in a year or more only to discover a handful of gold coins or even notes in the inner pocket.
It got me thinking, where else could I find coins that were forgotten about around the home and perhaps even when I am out and about?

In my search I walked all around my home, looking from top to bottom to see where I could find more coins – here are the results of my search and maybe it can help you on your treasure hunt.

If you are also out and about, I have compiled a small list of where coins can easily and always be found in my experience (no I don’t go looking for them, but thought it was interesting none the less).

1. Coins under the couch

This was the first place that I started, what a solid place to begin. I lifted up all couch cussions, all backing pieces and went to work.

I managed to find $8.50 – a bit of pay back for all the times my friends and family have used the couch or fallen asleep on it!

2. My old jeans and my old jackets

I have a number of pairs of old jeans (who doesn’t?) and was relatively hopefully of find atleast something. I ended up find $2.00 in an old pair of levi’s that I hadn’t worn in over two years. Not bad.

3. Finding coins in the laundry

Whenever doing my washing, I tend to empty the contents of all of my pockets directly onto the counter. Most of the time it is just a bunch of empty tic tac containers and lint, but occasionally I find a number of coins. I push these aside and just leave them there. Upon my return in the search of more coins, I found around $12.00 in silver coins. Once again, not a bad stash.

4. Bedroom treasures

I found quite a few coins lying around my bedroom; they are from emptying my pockets and just getting dressed or undressed in a rush from coming home from work. Sometimes I remember to put them into a coin jar, other times I just put them wherever I find myself getting changed. I ended up cleaning my room up completely in the hope of uncovering some coins. After I was done, I had only managed to find $4.00 or so, but the best thing was my room is now immaculate – talk about killing two birds with one stone (or coin should I say?).

5. Entrance area of my home

Get home, throw keys in bowl, ditch my mobile phone and wallet and leave my shoes at the door. This is my home coming ritual – it means I end up with a key bowl full of coins. This was the best place to find coins in my home as I am on auto pilot and not really thinking. Amount found? $11.50 (all in silver coins might I add).

Places to find coins when out and about

My small list of places I can recall finding money when out and about;

  • The beach
  • Crowded events (concerts, outdoor festivals, etc)
  • Around vending machines
  • Around the vacuum area of outdoor car washes
  • Parking lots and parking machines
  • Bars and pubs
  • Telephone machines
  • Train station ticket vending machines

What are some other unusual places to find coins?

Tell us where you find your hidden treasure around the home and outdoors, I am certain it would be of interest to other readers and myself as well.

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